Thursday, September 6, 2012

Favorite Blog (Assignment 5)

Just three days remain until the Jacksonville Jaguars step onto the gridiron and yet speculation surrounds a decimated franchise. The team has undergone some major changes since 2011, including having a new owner, a sophomore quarterback who struggled mightily in 2011 and having a first-round draft pick arrested. A lot of questions loom around the organization.

ESPN does not give national attention to the Jaguars, but ( highlights everything one would like to know about the team. The blog has the simple aspects such as the Jaguars schedule, but it also contains video, tickets and statistics.

This blog gives Jaguars fans an in-depth look at the team. Sure it's nice to hear about the Jaguars on TV, but fans of the organization would like to know a little bit more and this blog fulfills those needs. Readers get to see the behind-the-scenes actions of the Jaguars per se.  

The blog has several elements that appeal to fans. Injury updates, fantasy advice and reports from team practice can all be found. The sources are credible and are always working to release the most up-to-date information.

One of the more appealing aspects to the blog is the ability for fans to interact and voice their opinions. The blog has a page called "FanPosts" and another titled "FanShots," which allow readers from across the country to post their thoughts or pictures.

Big Cat Country focuses on the Jaguars, but it also contains content on the opponent  each week. In this instance the blog focuses on each team and dissects several aspects of each game. This blog handles everything one would need involving the Jaguars.

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